Sunday, December 8, 2019

Fat to Fit | Transformation Men India | Episode 13

Fat to Fit Transformation series brings you a push session. I did ohp , bench press , parallel bar dips and triceps extension. Working my upper body today, haven't been able to shoot much of the training footage off lately. It's not the lack of camera gear or any technical issues but mostly somethings sometimes I feel repeated over and over again.

The progress is good have been able to lean out but also feel and looks like have lost bit of muscle size. We when I out in the work results do follow, I am so much short of time these days that sometimes training seems impossible. But as of now follow my YouTube channel and I need your support and love more than anything else.

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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Chest workout for Mass and strength

A big musclar chest doesn't come by pressing light weight s neither does it come by bouncing huge weight with shitty form. When you think of having a bigger pecs, pec workout has to be specific and detailed. Weather you want to build it at the commercial gym or a home chest workout.  You may ask how to get a bigger chest then ? Well I will guide you with a workout for a big chest.

If you been following my blog and YouTube channel under the name "prathap umesh" I am on my body transformation journey. I want to be fat to fit well calling myself fat would be little exaggeration, however I am definitely not at the best and have lot of work to do. We we have all seen lot of fat to fit transformation, skinny to fit all that BS. But here I am on a journey on a natural transformation what I mean by natural body transformation is I don't even take supplements.

Here are few routines that you can follow to build mass on chest and strength

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Fat to Fit | Transformation Men India | Episode 12

While I am on my body transformation, I would also like to talk about the way the indian fitness is taking new heights. It's a 100 day transformation that I am doing and want all of you to support me by subscribing to my YouTube channel.

I have been progressing better day by day and what diet do I follow ? Keto, carnivore diet or Atkins diet well non Of it. Just plan indian diet with my own twist to it. I would regularly Sharee my training videos and pictures with updates as to how to do a body transformation. Till then next time God sleep and party on.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Ronnie Coleman workout and motivation

Ronnie Coleman is the greatest bodybuilder of all time. There isn't a gym where you wouldn't find Ronnie's poster. He is 8 times Mr Olympia title winner and beast in training. His lifting pounage was phenomenal for any lift be it deadlift or squat or bench press. Ronnie coleman motivation videos are to inspiring people to train and this is a ronnie coleman tribute.

His physique was out of the world, he looked like an action figure and boy he had Herculean strength. I think he looked the way he looked not only because of PEDS but because of his hardcore training style and genetics. Many may argue his injuries were due to his training style and years of heavy lifting but that's what he loved.

Ronnie took over from where Dorian Yates left and took it new level. I think 98, 99 were amazing he looked phenomenal. The above video has shots of from 2003 Mr Olympia and sitting at 300 lbs. Do share the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more of bodybuilding history and training,diet and workout videos.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Unboxing & review of Portronics adjustable laptop table| Portable, multipurpose, budget study laptop

I am big user of laptop be it in my line of work or personal work or to edit my YouTube videos. I constantly use laptop. I have been looking for a sturdy and reliable laptop table which can be used for long hours and and on the go.

I foundP adjustable laptop tablewhich is Portable and can multipurposly used. It's great for the budget and has a  laptop cooling fan. Here is a detailed Unboxing & review video of Portronics adjustable laptop table on my YouTube channel. Do make sure to subscribe and share my channel.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Natural Body Transformation week 5

Hello people, my transformation journey has been going awesome. I have switched my workout routine based on my busy schedule. I no longer can train for hours together like I use to when I was a student. Things change as life changes and new responsibilities are added.

Chest and Back

Barbell  Bench Press 

185 lbs x 5  reps 5 sets

Warm up 135 lbs x 20 reps 2sets

 Barbell Rows 

185 lbs  x 5 reps 5 sets

One more thing, I want to thank all of you for your support and encouragement. Please do me a favor and subscribe to my YouTube channel and shower your support.

Great week. Remember to come back to my blog to follow my journey.

How to have a Chiseled Jawline | face fat loss

how to have a Chiseled jawline and get rid of face fast with simple techniques.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Hindu Push Ups| Best type of push up part 2

Most of times I get Asked what exercises can I do to get jacked but not in the gym at home or anywhere. Well, gyms are a recent addition to our fitness culture. Let's say just 100 old years or so, I mean including even the primitive weight that we were using. I am going to to introduce you to the training methodology that has been her in India for 100's of years.

Our methods of staying fit has always been functional and efficient. Let me tell you something, you don't need a gym to get fit and strong all you need a good functional training which is time tested and basic yet highly rewarding. Our way of training to stay strong dates back to 100s of years. Our warriors to layman were all fit! How you may ask? Well they did want was needed and what worked best.

Let me share a video I posted on my YouTube channel of me doing Hindu push ups. These were used by our great wrestlers to get in amazing shape and strength. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and give the routine a try. Till next time stay healthy and stay strong.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Thoughts on 4 lifts competition : bench, Deadlift, squat and overhead press

The 4 lift competition is getting interesting as we have completed two months of it. Some are doing good and some great and some not so great. Well I fall into the not so great category, why you may ask ? Well I have been busy in my personal life. Work, life generally keeps me busy and leaves little room for training, hence a different approach to the training. I was once training 3 hours a day this had great results from such training methodology. Now coming back to the competition itself, I believe we should do all the 4 lifts on the same day so as to make it hard to get the pr and perform at your best and mimick a actual meet. Here is the video do Checkout my YouTube channel and follow the journey.

Fat to Fit | Transformation Men India | Episode 9

Transformation from Fat to fit is upon my YouTube channel.  I am big fan of heavy duty training and I believe with most of the principal s of it. I will put them to test to document my body transformation.

I will be training no more than 7-9 sets per workout and further reduced the training by reducing the number days trained per week; 3 days per week sometimes even less depending on the gains. For a natural body transformation rest and recuperation is vital and this form training is apt to accomplish such goals. Subscribe to the blog and my YouTube channel and follow my journey.

The 4 Lifts Competition

I have entered a 4 lift competition on YouTube which is basically to see who out lifts one another most in lifts like bench press, deadlifts, squats and over head press. It has 6 to 8 competitors, here is my entry video. Please follow the the competition and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Franco columbu Tribute

Franco Columbu was the Strongest Bodybuilder of the Golden Era of the bodybuilding and was pound for pound strongest of them all. He was weightlifting, power lifting and then a bodybuilding champion.

Check out Golden days of bodybuilding :

He was not just a bodybuilder who had muscles; he could put them to use to put people to sleep since he was also a European boxing champion. He has won numerous weightlifting and bodybuilding competitions, winning Mr. Europe, Mr. World, Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia twice (1976 and 1981).He trained Sylvester Stallone for the Rambo movies.

He had set great PR’s on bench squat and Deadlift and also on heavy shoulder presses. The most interesting thing was when he competed in world’s strongest man 1977, he was dabbling a refrigerator and had a fall and injured his leg. Doctors declared that the leg was broken, but Franco said it wasn't broken, it was dislocated. If you are already not impressed by his feet’s of strength, one must be impressed by his will and dedication which was put into display when he when through rehabbing his leg and competing again to win the Mr. Olympia title in 1981. Post his accident at the world’s strongest man, he had lot of work at his hand and his efforts are commendable irrespective of where the Olympia of 1981 was fixed or not!

Like Arnold he came from a small village, he was from Sardinia Italy. He conquered the world of bodybuilding and did do small parts in movies made lot of money and became successful.

His best lifts are as follows:
Bench press: 525 lbs.
Squats: 655 lbs.
Deadlifts: 750 lbs.


Sunday, September 29, 2019

Working in Shifts and Making Gains

I wanted to write about working in shifts and making gains. Night shifts can be nightmare if all you want is to make gains and build muscle. Here is my video on this . Subscribe to my YouTube channel and comment if you like the video blog.