Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Full Body vs. Split Training for Natural Bodybuilders

BroSplit Vs. full body workout which is better form of training and which builds more muscle? I go with full body workout rather than bro split why you may ask? Here is the answer if you want your muscle to grow you need to stimulate your muscle and more you stimulate the bigger muscles you grow.

When on a full body workout routine you train major body parts like back, chest and legs 3 times per week sometimes more. Thus this frequency and using compound moments like bench press, deadlift and squats will beat your body up and yield great results.

When on a full body workout routine you end up expanding more energy compared to brosplit.  More energy you burn more calories you burn. Training biceps and triceps on a separate day is no match for exercises like bench press, squat and deadlifts. Here is a video detailing how each form of training routine impacts our body and yield result.

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