Friday, March 25, 2016

Market your books on Amazon easily with these Tips

Often times we contemplate about writing book and only few go ahead and pursue their dream of writing a book and are a creative writer. Thanks to Kdp Amazon, anyone with passion and love for writing can publish their book. I will write a separate article on how to sell books on Amazon. Amazon is the undisputed king in online marketing and kindle books are in and old ways of publishing and going through the rigors of following lot of procedures are gone. Selling books on Amazon is not difficult as long as you have the ingredients outlined in this article.  

Amazon has been an amazing platform for publishing online books and Amazon marketing service is also very helpful. I am writing this article to help you and I have outlined few pointer that one can follow to get a great start when you publish your book. Things which can sky rocket your book sales when you’re a beginner or you’re publishing your first book.

Provide Value.

It’s great to write about topic or niche your good at and its entirely different thing to provide value to the buyer or a reader. Anyone and everyone who reads your book should have a takeaway from your book. It should help them in one or the other way, like if you are writing a fitness book then it should help the reader build a good physique or help with their weight loss goal and should provide results. Ironically I wrote a book on fitness targeted to build muscle naturally without supplements and steroids and help people with weight loss. I have got great response from lot of people telling me how it has helped them in building muscle and also shred lot of body fat. “If you like to lose Fat and looking for a weight loss program, you will like my book “. Here is the link to my book and please to write a review on Amazon.

Content is the king, so make sure you have enough information which will help the readers.

Book Cover and Editing.

Seeing is believing! If you have a great cover with beautiful Picture whether it’s a novel, fitness book or a cook book.  Book cover is what creates interest in a reader to click through and checkout the book. If you want to go a long way as a writer or content creator it’s very important to get your book edited by a professional editor.

Meta Data.

Writing a detailed description and explain what the book is all about how will it help the reader is important. I cannot stress enough the importance of Meta Data. Make sure you have great description about the book.

Reviews and Promotions.

It’s vital you get good reviews as it increases the chances of book coming up in the search engine. It also gives a heads up to other potential buyers that this is a good book and has created lot of interest. Take advantage of Amazon kdp select and promote your book be it Amazon countdown sale or kindle free promotion.

Use Social Media.

Promote your book on social media, like Facebook, Google+ and twitter.

Hope this article was helpful and all the best with your book.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tom Platz Remembered

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Best Genetics in Bodybuilding

Best Genetics In Bodybuilding, who do you think has or had the best Genetics In Bodybuilding? Here are my picks. Let me know yours.

Ronnie Coleman 
Kevin levrone
Phil heath
Sergio Oliva

Flex wheeler.

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