Tuesday, April 24, 2018

My Transformation from Fat to Fit – Heavy Duty Leg Workout

I am on my journey on a quest to get fit and shed fat. As explained in the previous episodes I have just started my weight training after my accident and haven’t trained in last 5 months.

In this week’s episode I start my prep to get in shape with HEAVY DUTY LEG WORKOUT This is continuation of my fat to fit transformation series. Here I am going to explore more on training methodology of HIT Mike menzter heavy duty training or Dorian Yates style of training. Of course Arthur Jones started it all and Mike menzter continued and contributed to this training system. Dorian Yates followed and improvised based on his needs.
Follow my journey as I break down this training system and track my progress and experience on heavy duty training system. This is fat to fit India, the workout took me less than 40 minutes, there two exercises which I did and haven't added in the video. 

Exercises used :
Leg press
Leg extension 
Hamstring curls
Smith machine lunges
Machine calf raises

2-3 warm up sets  1 working set to failure (I didn't go to failure but close to failure)

People often complain heavy duty or HIT does work and boy I will tell you, it does work very well. Another thing people complain about HIT is it leads to injury, well it does if you don’t tech well and train properly with full concentration. Subscribe to my YouTube channel click on the bell icon.