Friday, July 23, 2010

Pitfalls of Dieting

Dieting is an integral part of one’s journey to achieve the desired physique and vitality. I would say dieting is as important as training because, training is more like stimulation and dieting is making sure you get all the nourishment by eating foods that help you build muscle and have a healthy life without overdoing it. Dieting is a pre-designed prototype of food intake to attain certain specific short-term goal, but it’s not an ongoing thing. The most over-rated word today by fitness freaks is “dieting”; the sad part of it is that, there is a big misconception that you diet all throughout the year. Well that’s not how exactly you achieve a shredded physique.

Well I am not trying to preach you that “this or that is the right way to diet” but to suggest you to not to go on a diet that needs a drastic change in your food habits. The reason I am suggesting you not to do so is: firstly in order to go under such diet your body should already be tuned to such diets by prior experience with dieting. You should start by small changes in your diet by cutting oily food and bit of sugar and reduce the calories a bit. Now, this sort of approach forms a foundation and gives you body ample time to tune and recuperate to future changes to the body and minister to endure the  extreme dieting. A word of caution though these extreme dieting techniques that you hear or read often has to be followed only for a brief period of time, because if you overdo it; not only  do you screw up your whole effort being put to achieve your desired result but also you would end up being sick and unhealthy. Best example would be the so called crash diet, Many people have fallen into ensnare of crash dieting; a crash diet refers to willful nutritional restriction (except water) for more than 12 hours. People normally do this in order to burn a lot of body fat for energy with the aim of losing a significant amount of weight in a short time. This sort of restriction causes the body to react by preserving fat stores and burning lean muscle tissue, hence has to be done only for brief period of time. Some of the side effects of theses diets are headaches; nausea, Dizziness, lethargy or low energy, cause cramping, kidney and liver damage. Before you jump into any sort of these crazy diets I would suggest you to just bear in mind that everything in life comes with a price, physical conditioning is no exception.

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