Thursday, December 31, 2015

High intensity training workouts

High Intensity training is what gets you big and shredded. It’s one of the unique ways yet very simple to follow workout program. The beauty of it lies in its simplicity and is highly effective. Its time efficient and easy to follow. It’s followed and developed by mike mentzer to Dorian Yates. I have created a playlist with touching these topics along with Playlist containing top rated videos from my channel. Click on the image below which will take you to the playlist.

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Kevin levrone doing a comeback to bodybuilding 2015 and Training Routine 2015

Kevin levrone doing a comeback to bodybuilding 2015 and Training Routine, well his comeback is still a question; I don’t see it happening in 2015 but 2016 you never know. 

He is very famous for training just 4- 6 months and getting back in competition shape but none the less he has incredible physique for his age and Wanted to go through his training back in the day, may not be the exact routine but was on the same lines.

He does all the pulling moments on one day and push moments the next day. He is big on flat bench press, squat and bent over rows.

Lee Priest Bodybuilding Legend

Lee Priest Bodybuilding Legend, Lee Priest is a bodybuilding legend who an awesome bodybuilder the 90’s and was one of the best in the pro ranks. He is from Australia and started bodybuilding at a very young age of 12.He won his fist show at the age of 13, a great legend in making. 

He won Mr Australia at 17 and he had phenomenal body, especially the biceps and quads were pretty impressive.  His training style is mostly influenced from the old school bodybuilding and is a great poser and we spoken witty personality.

He is also a no nonsense and straight forward person which caused him lot of trouble in his career. He still trains to this day and still looks good. He also won Mr. Universe in 2013. 

Friday, December 18, 2015

Do you remember Dave draper?

Dave Draper was known as “The blond bomber “a great bodybuilding who made it before Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was Mr. America, Mr. Universe and Mr. World. please watch the video below to know more about the legend and the man who inspired Arnold Schwarzenegger. subscribe to the channel for more of old school bodybuilding and bodybuilding history.

Alistair Overeem vs. Junior dos santos

Alistair Overeem vs. Junior dos santos, this fight had to happen few years ago, it’s been a long wait but worth the wait. Both Alistair and JDS are great strikers and stand up artist. Alistair has accomplished everything what a supreme athlete should and could! He has been a K1 champion, strike force champion and has fought many legends and battles in pride.

JDS is an excellent fighter who is former ufc champion and has great heart and skills; he has fought battles with Cain and demolished some top heavyweight fighters. His comeback fight with Overeem is perfect for him because, if he wins this fight then he makes a big statement and can lead to possible title fight.

I see Overeem winning this fight either by knockout or decision. The reason I say Alistair is going to win because JDS hasn’t fought for a longtime and there will be ring rust which can have major impact on the performance and results.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Bodybuilding Motivation - Dorian Yates

Dorian Yates Evolution, I am big fan of Dorian Yates not only for his tremendous physical development but also for the work ethic and focus he has demonstrated over a decade. He gave a new meaning to bodybuilding and presented it the way it is!


Friday, December 4, 2015

Largest arms in the world

Manfred Hoeberl was a power lifter and a strongman competitor from the 90’s. He was from the same town as that of fellow Austrian legend Arnold Schwarzenegger. He won European strongman competition twice and was a very strong contender in world strongest men. 

He won Austria’s strongman contest 7 times, he once was the man with the largest arms in the world which was 25.75 inches cold and 26 inches when pumped. He would curl 150 pounds dumbbell for reps like they were nothing. He is officially certified on the No. 3 Captain’s of Crush gripper. His fame in the world of strongman and power lifting was short lived as he was severely injured in a car crash and had major injuries thus stopping him from competing in world strongest man.           

Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm Rematch and Predictions

As we all know Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm Rematch is on! Now few thoughts cross our mind, at least my mind when I hear that. Isn’t it unfair that Holly isn’t provided time to defend her title against other top contenders in the line? Would Dana have done the same if another other fighter was beaten the way Holly beat Ronda?

Well let me tell you what I feel, “a fight is a fight for a true martial artist, whether it’s against an ex-champion or a top contender”. I don’t think if it were to be any other fighter other than Ronda they wouldn’t have got a shot at the title again so soon. On the contrary why shouldn’t Ronda get a rematch? She is the one who brought so much of attention to the female fighting division and to a level where it’s the main event. Ronda is an excellent athlete and should get a second chance at the title. Her attitude should be considered against her fighting skills. From the UFC standpoint, it’s a great event and is going to be even bigger than the first fight.

Coming to fight predictions, Holly is going to keep her title and defeat Ronda as long as she does extra lot of work on the ground game and is able to take care when she is in the clinch. Ronda on the other hand should and will go with what she does the best that’s ground game and trade mark Arm Bar! If she is going to think of beating Holly in the stand up that’s not going to happen.

But as I always say its fight and anything can happen in a fight!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

RIP Leroy Colbert

RIP Leroy Colbert, One of the best old school bodybuilder to be documented to have 21 inch Arm! Great friend of Arnold.


Monday, November 30, 2015

Forgotten World Bodybuilding Federation

Let’s take a look back at the world bodybuilding federation created by WWE Boss Vince McMahon. When Vince came up with the idea and started the bodybuilding federation it created lot of waves in the bodybuilding community specially the IFBB. It was founded by Vince in 1990 and had many stars signing up to join the federation. It was rumored to have Tom Platz in top position and change the way the bodybuilding federation functioned. It promised good pay and takes the sport to levels through glitz and glamour. It had 13 athletes and many more to join; it had Aaron baker, Mike Christian, David Dearth, Berry DeMey, Danny Padilla, Mike Quinn, Eddie Robinson, Gary Strydom, and Troy Zuccolotto.

But due to low buy rate the show was taken off the air and fine the federation winded up. I just wonder what would have happened if the WBF would have flourished. It sure was flamboyant and entertaining.

Please let know who what do you think would have happened, if WBF were to be here today. Have you heard or watched any of the shows created by WBF? Please let me know your thoughts on this topic.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Travel life and places in India

Travel life and places, there are many beautiful places to see in northern India. Lot of palaces and forts and temples, had traveled and marveled at the combination of rustic yet beautiful and rich places too. They both co-exist. This is the few best shots which I took on my journey, there is lot to explore and lot to capture. The city is bustling with markets and shops with wide varieties of sweets.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Do women respond to exercise differently than men?

Well exercises are the same and there is no difference in them, a squat is squat be it for a guy or a girl. Squat is going to hit and build the quad muscle irrespective of who is doing it same goes for barbell curls or any other exercise. But the way women respond to exercise does differ when compared to a man. It’s because of the hormonal differences and lack of same levels of testosterone compared to man. That’s one of the main reasons why women will not build muscle to the same degree as that of a man.

It’s better for women to train on high volume rather than lifting heavy weights which can be strenuous and cause injury.  They should focus more on toning their muscle and overall health rather than taking their bodies to low levels body fat which is unhealthy and dangerous.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm

Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm was one of the major upsets in ufc fight history. Well it’s a fight and anything can happen in a fight! One punch can change the outcome of the fight and we have seen it over and over again if were to look back at the history of fighting be it mixed martial arts or boxing. But why did this fight receive such a huge interest and have so much of mixed reaction and even celebrities like Donald trump and lady gaga jumping the bandwagon and twitting on social media. Was it hype it created? Or was it genuine love for the sport of mixed martial arts?

Yes, we all saw it Holly holm defeated Ronda as if she was an amateur and put a beating that she will remember for rest of her carrier. Ronda is an excellent athlete and a good martial artist, but she definitely wasn’t invincible. I think even Ronda got carried away with the hype that she is invincible and can’t be defeated. The reason for the fight to be considered the biggest upset was because of the fashion in which Ronda had dominated her past opponents and dispatched them at her will.

We forgot that Holly holm was a former boxing champion and an excellent athlete unlike anyone in the ufc’s women’s division. To be very fair Ronda is no match to the striking skills possessed by Holly Holm and that was very evident in the fight. Its Ronda’s ego, which also contributed to her loss against Holly Holm. Holly Holm was very professional and respectful to Ronda before and after fight which shows true personality. Most important thing in martial arts is to be humble and respect the game. That’s the big difference between a martial artist and a brawler. Ronda looked like a brawler and Holly a true martial artist!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

IP Man Is Back

IP Man Is Back, Donnie Yen reprises his Role as the legendary martial arts fighter and Teacher IP Man! The first part of IP Man was a master peace and this 3 installment with Donnie yen has legendary boxer iron Mike Tyson playing his opponent.

Tyson has made quite a few movies now, be it hangover series or his own documentary movie. This looks like a very interesting movie, not only because of the casting but also is more like boxing vs. Wing chun.  Fight Choreography in both IP Man I and II were incredible, so IP Man is worth a watch!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Protein and More Protein

Protein and More Protein builds muscle and gains all the way. Feasted on Roasted Chicken with Mustard Sauce.

Roasted Chicken with Mustard Sauce

Here is the recipe:

Chicken Drumsticks 600grams
Freshly Ground Pepper
1 table spoon olive Oil
White wine
1 Fresh thyme
Butter and Mustard sauce

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Bertil Fox

Brutal Fox, was one of the huge bodybuilder of his time. He had all the qualities to win the Mr. Olympia but couldn’t get it together. 

He Won Mr. Britain at the age of 19. He won Mr. Britain in 1969, 70, 71 and 1976. He won Mr. Universe in 1977, 1978 and 1979. He could have won numerous Mr. Olympia if had focused.

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Black Prince

The Black Prince was the Nick Name given to legendary bodybuilder Robby Robinson. He was combination of dense muscle and great aesthetics. He starred with Arnold in the movie pumping iron. He has won numerous bodybuilding titles like Mr. America, Mr. International, Mr. World, Mr. Universe, and Mr. Olympia Masters. He also won two time Mr. Olympia Masters over 50.

His back and Biceps peak are legendary and one of the great bodybuilders of the mid seventy’s and he competed till early 2000. He still trains in gold’s gym and is a personal trainer and inspiration for many.

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Dexter Jackson Transformation

Dexter Jackson Transformation is an amazing bodybuilder and is ageless. He flawless posing and aesthetic makes him one of best bodybuilders and a legend in his own right. He has won the Mr. Olympia and narrowly missed winning Mr. Olympia 2015 taking second to Phil Heath.

Here is his transformation which speaks volume about his dedication and love for the sport of bodybuilding.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

In shape in a month: Quickest way to lose 20 Pounds: The Natural Way

Please read my new Book, In shape in a month: Quickest way to lose 20 Pounds:The Natural Way. This Book came into existence through trial and error and my own quest to achieve ultimate fitness goals. One question I constantly heard was “How Do I Lose Lot of Weight Quickly?” this question made me come up with the training program that can help reduce lot of weight at the same time it’s simple and very basic. What makes a simple program efficient is in its intensity. I believe in order to get in shape one does not require fancy workout programs, nor a high end exercise equipment. But consistency! That’s the Key to success.

It’s very important have a goal and more importantly a realistic goal followed by a very good plan. I wrote this book to help the beginners who are far more confused as to what form of training routine to follow and have all the other questions like how much, how often and how long. The workouts are going to make you shed lot of fat and weight loss is unavoidable.

You are going to get strong and your endurance will be way better and most importantly you will look good and feel good. Just be committed to the diet and be consistent with the workouts and have a very positive approach towards the whole program and most importantly be Enthusiastic!

Please find the book on Amazon by clicking Here and Request you to write a Review

Road to Recovery: Update

Road to Recovery: Update on my recover, i haven't touched weights for two months. Neither have i exercised. now that i have great difficult in pulling moments, it will be a big challenge to workout in the gym and  maintain a decent physique.

I believe adversities bring the best in us, so be a part of my journey.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Indian Bodybuilding

Indian Bodybuilding, Here are the Top Indian Bodybuilders who have a great prospect in the bodybuilding world. We don’t have the same fan follow or shows to that grand scale as others countries. But it’s catching up. There are many champions slowly coming up and making their presence felt. Like in the Arnold classics and other top shows worldwide.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Mass Monsters Are Back

Mass Monsters Are Back, we are back to the Era of mass Monsters, Big Ramy is no different than Markus Ruhl and Paul Dillet who were the Genetic Freaks Back in the 90’s. Let me know what’s your opinion on this is!

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Abbey Falls

Abbey falls is one of the most beautiful falls in Coorg and a must visit place in Coorg. It’s located 8 kms from Madikeri.  The falls is accessible from road to coffee estate. Coorg is also known as Scotland of India.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Elephants Swimming

Elephants Swimming and being washed in Dubare forest. Its a Joy to watch these beasts be so friendly and gentle.


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Kevin Levrone or Phil heath: Who has the best Physique?

Kevin or Phil Who has the best Physique? Do you think Kevin can do a comeback and defeat Phil or could he have beat Phil in his prime?

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Are You a Champion?

Are You a Champion? Can you go through the pain barrier be it in the gym or on the track or be it in the life? Here is a motivational video to inspire all of us to go out and get whatever we wish to achieve and accomplish in life!

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Shadow

The Shadow, Dorian Yates is the Third Episode in Know your Pro’s Golden days of bodybuilding. I am big fan of Dorian Yates not only for his tremendous physical development but also for the work ethic and focus he has demonstrated over a decade. He gave a new meaning to bodybuilding and presented it the way it is!

As a Teenager Dorian moved along with his family to Birmingham. He was sentenced to six months at Youth Detention Centre. Yates started working out in 1983.He quickly became a force to be reckoned with and with in no time became the British champion. Despite being a British champion he didn’t have enough money or endorsements unlike champion bodybuilders in USA. The hard times didn’t disturb or destroy Dorian’s focus and ambition. He set his eyes on the ultimate crown in bodybuilding which is Mr. Olympia.

He shocked everyone with his incredible physique and great conditioning; he took second to late Mohammed Benaziza at Night of champions 1990 and first place at Night of champions 1991 and made his presence know to everyone in Mr. Olympia 1991by taking second place the great Lee Haney. He made a solid statement there and it was evident that a new Mr. Olympia was on the horizon. Lee Haney retired in 1991 and the Dorian Era began in 1992 when he won Mr. Olympia in the same year.

Dorian represented hardworking and no nonsense champion who made sure his physique would do the talking and he spent his energy in crafting the physique. He is the one who brought this uniqueness to bodybuilding with the grainy look and ripped to the bone. He took bodybuilding to new heights with incredible mass and his back, triceps, quads and calfs were out of the world specially the back development.
He won Mr. Olympia 6 times 1992 to 1997 then retired due to injury. He took the HIT training method from Arthur Jones and mike mentzer and took it to new levels and advocated HIT method. Dorian was a true champion and now after retirement he runs chain gyms called temple gym and has his own supplement line called Dorian Yates nutrition.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Myth

The Myth, before Ronnie Coleman ruled the streets as a cop and stage as a champion; Sergio Oliva laid the foundation for all the great champions to follow. Incredible back, huge biceps and lats that could cover the entire stage. Sergio was truly the Myth in every possible sense.

He was not a fulltime bodybuilder, he worked in a steel mill 12 hours a day and then would toil 2 hours in the gym and lifting heavy weights and he had a phenomenal body. Even to this day he could compete and still hold his own. He was the real and I would say 1st mass monster but with aesthetics. Huge herculean physique, great muscle belly and there were few poses of his which are legendary! The victory pose it’s also called Sergio Pose; no one can replicate it and look like Sergio in that! Not even the great Arnold! The crab shot was also very famous, There was his Lats spread which was phenomenal, even Arnold has quoted he had never seen such wide and thick Lats and he was blown away by Sergio.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Jackie Chan - Do it!

Jackie Chan - Do it! He’s a stuntman, actor, director and action choreographer. Jackie is known for his breath taking action and stunt sequences, the nature of his stunts are so dangerous that no insurance company insures him in movies in which he performs his own stunts. 

Jackie has been injured numerous times while performing stunts; he almost died while filming armour of god he fell from a tree and fractured his skull. Jackie has a back ground in martial arts, acrobatics and ballet. He always emphasizes on exercising everyday and working on flexibility. He’s mantra of fitness is more of rigors and regular exercise rather than too much focus on dieting. According to Jackie boxing is one of the best ways to get in shape and can be a great stress buster. Jackie still continues to do death defining stunts and is in top shape for a 61 year old.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

What is working out For Me?

What is working out For Me? It’s not an Obsession or an Ego!

For me it’s all about passion that drives me to stay fit and do what I love to do!

Be a part of my Journey…..

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mr. Olympia 2015 Final Winner

Mr. Olympia 2015 Winner, Phil heath “Gift” has finally won the Mr. Olympia 2015 for 5th time and has cemented his place in history. Mr.Olympia 2015 Results created awesome interest towards the end when deciding between Dexter and Phil but finally Phil Won!

The following are the Results:

1. Phil heath
2. Dexter Jackson
3. Shawn Rhoden
4. Dennis Wolf
5. Big Ramy

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mr. Olympia 2015 Prejudging - Who will be the New Mr. Olympia?

Mr. Olympia 2015 Prejudging, Who will be the New Mr. Olympia? I saw the Mr. Olympia 2015 prejudging live and see the results going two ways:

11.  Phil  is going to Win

22. Shawn Rhoden or Dennis wolf is going to be the new Mr. Olympia.

If anyone is going to stage an upset it’s going to be these two, especially Dennis wolf. He looked Amazing and we see a new Dennis wolf 2015 version which has great conditioning.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Quality of Food and Staying Natural

Being a natural bodybuilder is very important in terms of health for look, good health and longevity. Not only bodybuilding matter of fact even if you weight train for fitness. When you train natural you will not be able to gain muscles rapidly compared to someone on steroids. With time you will put on muscle and the best thing able training natural is muscle memory which I have already done an article on. Second thing is you keep the gains what you worked hard for hour after and session after session.

You need not put dangerous toxins and steroids into your body and compromise on your health and life span. Also stay away from useless supplements which hardly work. Nothing beats wholesome food; there is no substitute for it. Steroids or any other performance enhancing substance isn’t something which you really shouldn’t be fancying with. Train hard and heavy eat wholesome food with lots of veggies and meat, you will be able to build a good physique and also be healthy with is vital on a longer run.

Here is my Interview with Nigel where we discuss about quality of food and staying natural.

18 Inch Arm Challenge Predictions and Thoughts

18 Inch Arm Challenge Predictions and Thoughts, is the part 3 of my interview with Nigel Bush where we discuss the thoughts and predictions on the 18 Inch Arm Challenge. I am certainly out of the competition now that I am injured and will at least take 4 months of recovery time. I believe there are many good contenders namely Nigel bush, Jessie Harris and Grim Hope. Please enjoy the interview.  

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

kai Greene out of Mr. Olympia 2015

kai Greene out of Mr. Olympia 2015, It’s really sad that a guy who has all the potential to win Mr. Olympia has been sidelined from the contest. He is the one who keeps the bodybuilding fans engaged in the sport of bodybuilding. His rag to riches story is inspirational so is his intellect. I am afraid all you need to be now to be a champion is just sell worthless supplements and be very politically correct.

Kai is far more than a bodybuilder and has achieved a lot what only few can dream off! Keep your head high brother! You are the people’s champion.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Fitness, Health and Bodybuilding

Fitness, Health and Bodybuilding, Beyond Brawn is a New Series in which we not only look into training strategies, we also extensively look into nutrition and Interview other youtubers who have been bitten by the Iron bug. This is the third Episode of beyond Brawn in which I interview my friend and fellow youtuber Nigel Bush.

Nigel is from UK and loves bodybuilding and has a very good YouTube channel and a fitness community on Google plus. He helped me initially when I started my channel by commenting, share and liking my content. He has been training from a longtime and has liking for bodybuilding history.

We talked on different topics right from today’s bodybuilding scene to vegan gains, training strategies and much much more! Here is Nigel’s YouTube channel. Please subscribe to him if you haven’t already!

Friday, September 11, 2015

How can I grow muscle and build my upper body?

How can I grow muscle and build my upper body? This is the most frequently asked question that I encounter on daily basis. You definitely can add lot of size and strength by training on a 5 x 5 workout! I have trained on it; I have put my clients on it and have seen significant gains on this training program.

5 x 5 is a classic training program designed by legendary bodybuilder Reg Park. He used it to get big during off season. It can be the hardest routine you train on, if properly utilized. It’s a fairly easy program to follow and remember, unlike other workout program where you literally have to remember the sets and reps, number of exercises and the order in which it has to be done. Give it 8 to 12 weeks and you will see fantastic gains.

It’s one of the best routine that can be done for strength gains; I give it a 5 star rating. I don't think it’s going to be heavy in the beginning as you experiment with the poundage to reach that 5reps.You do 5 sets of 5 reps on each exercise and each workout, these are done on compounds moments like Deadlift, OHP, bench press, squats and barbell rows. Each workout you increase the poundage by 2.5 kgs or 5 pounds. This is a solid program for gaining strength and adding muscle mass. I suggest you to add 1 or 2 days of cardio to it. Take of day off if you are sore for the workout. Here is the routine.

Day 1
Squats 5 x 5

OHP 5 x 5

Deadlift 5 x 5

Day 2
Squats 5 x 5

Bench press 5 x 5

Barbell rows 5 x 5

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5
Squats 5 x 5

OHP 5 x 5

Deadlift 5 x 5

Day 6

Day 7
Squats 5 x 5

Bench press 5 x 5

Barbell rows 5 x 5

You basically squat every session.

Anyone can follow this routine, but beginners have to use very light weight initially until they develop strength. By week 2 and 3 you will already be strong and will be handling more poundage. It will make you strong and can add size. The biggest benefited from this training program are the beginners and intermediates. They can use this to get in the size game and trust me you will be really happy with the results you achieve after 8 to 12 weeks.