Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Quality of Food and Staying Natural

Being a natural bodybuilder is very important in terms of health for look, good health and longevity. Not only bodybuilding matter of fact even if you weight train for fitness. When you train natural you will not be able to gain muscles rapidly compared to someone on steroids. With time you will put on muscle and the best thing able training natural is muscle memory which I have already done an article on. Second thing is you keep the gains what you worked hard for hour after and session after session.

You need not put dangerous toxins and steroids into your body and compromise on your health and life span. Also stay away from useless supplements which hardly work. Nothing beats wholesome food; there is no substitute for it. Steroids or any other performance enhancing substance isn’t something which you really shouldn’t be fancying with. Train hard and heavy eat wholesome food with lots of veggies and meat, you will be able to build a good physique and also be healthy with is vital on a longer run.

Here is my Interview with Nigel where we discuss about quality of food and staying natural.


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