Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Is Kevin levrone doing a comeback to bodybuilding 2015?

Is Kevin levrone doing a comeback to bodybuilding 2015? Well looks like he is back in serious training as he is gaining back some serious size and looks ripped. Few of his recent videos and pictures suggest he might do a comeback to bodybuilding, but what show is unknown. I have been a big fan of “The Maryland muscle machine” and truly believe he is one of the few uncrowned Mr. Olympia.

Please let me know what do you think about this? Will he return? Will we be able to see the legend compete one more time and may be win.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

3 Minutes home Abs workout

3 Minutes home Abs workout can be done pretty much anywhere, be it your gym or home or even a park. I added just two of the exercises to this workout, one being leg raises and the second one is plank. Leg raises is a great exercise to build the lower abs, people seem to have great difficulty building lower abs compared to upper abs. upper abs can be built with doing regular crunches and if you have low body fat even better, you can have visible upper abs.

3 Minutes home Abs workout

This is just a basic abs routine to build abs, specially tailored to people who cannot invest lot of time in the gym or anywhere else working those abs. No need to invest in any fancy abs workout equipment, you simple do this 3 Minutes home Abs workout and obtain the desired results. Planks are great exercise for core and one should do them very often.

I recommend at least 5 sets of 20 reps and as you progress and build strength do add more sets. It’s even better if you can pile on more reps says 30–45 each set bit later on.

I will be doing more videos on advanced abdominal workout and other variation for 3 Minutes home Abs workout in next series.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Fitness Bands

Fitness bands are everywhere now, but the biggest question is are they useful? Do they really work? And work wonders for one. Well before we look into these questions lets first know what are fitness bands and what do they do?

Well these wrist bands are no ordinary bands, they are health tracking devices. These devices helps one to track heart rate, blood oxygen level and total steps taken for particular day and calories burnt. It does give you some good data which otherwise can’t be manually tracked. The information provided by these bands are quite impressive. They are flashy and in-thing in the fitness industry, they come in wide variety of designs and price ranges. Prices range from $100 to $ 250 and above depending on the brands and functionality and designs, now you can’t expect all in one in the basic model. There are lot of top brands in the market namely, Fitbit flex, Jawbone and the misfit shine, well suit yourself!

Now let’s come to performance, these data provided is excellent but isn’t 100% accurate and each brand device works different way based on the Algorithm used. Well my biggest question is what do you do with these data? I mean does an average Joe needs these lot of data? My answer is No! I would rather say it’s a great collectable item for people who are very passionate about fitness. Fitness bands are a great success throughout the world. I believe the major reason for the success of these bands are due to motivational aspect than that of functionality and accuracy. Monitoring makes people stick to their plans way better than compared to otherwise and these bands do certainly standout in monitoring aspect of it. But do they help you to be absolutely fit and have a great physique, No. So all in all I would give a thumbs up for these fitness bands.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hindu Push Ups and Squats

Hindu push-ups is a great exercise used by wrestlers from India, Iran and Japan mainly Asian countries. The exercise is named as Hindu as it’s believed to be originated from India. Even today it’s a staple exercise in an Akhada which is the place where wrestlers train and it’s more like a dojo. It hits multiple muscles like Arms, legs, core and shoulders. This a great exercise to get in shape quickly, it has to be done with high repetition say like 30- 35 reps and if you can do more the better.

Hindu squats

It helps develop one’s endurance and helps build great stamina. It is also said to strengthen the internal organs and because of the breathing technique involved. One of the all-time best wrestler to come out of India was Gama. He is said to more than 4000 of these Hindu squats to build his phenomenal leg strength it’s not a bodybuilding workout but more like strengthening and conditioning workout. If one does giant sets of Hindu push-ups and squat, it will build great strength and functional strength will sky rocket.

Do try this work out and you will get in shape in no time.