Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Barn Door Shoulders

Thick, wide and powerful shoulders not only make heads turn but also provide great strength in becoming a strongman. Shoulders are the most widely used muscle group in upper body. Wash board abs are sure aesthetic and might be please in women’s eyes but when it comes to raw power and brute strength one has to have powerful and thick shoulders.

I think shoulders in combination with powerful back define one’s power and prowess in lifting heavy loads of weights. Most people lack great shoulder development and sometimes if they do they do lack or the shoulder power isn’t really up to the mark in terms of functional strength.

I personally have always had decent shoulder development along with functional strength. Single most impressive exercise to develop shoulder power would be overhead press in my opinion. Of course there is clean and jerk and snatch. Other bodybuilding exercises like lateral raises, front raises and dumbbell or barbell press attacking the different shoulder heads.

My top picks for the shoulder exercises are as follows:

Overhead Press

Clean and Jerk

Dumbbell /Barbell Press

Lateral and front raises.

Do these exercises and progressively increase the poundage and trust me you will make the heads turn.