Saturday, January 26, 2019

Bodyhack Episode 1

Bodyhack is a new series starting in year 2019 where I change and challenge my body with HIT workout. Real old school high intensity kind of training. All you see is raw training and fly in the wall recording, no editing gimmick or shooting 4k stuff. Follow my journey and build your physique alone with me the old school way. I show you how to do a body transformation without steroids or supplements.

As I said earlier its a on the go fly on the wall kind off vlog on fitness,life , hardships and triumphs. I will not glorify my body transformation journey with crazy editing like top YouTuber's tend to do. I believe in reality than making it lavish and viral. I am sure you will like my journey and support me by watching and giving me constructive feedback.

Now let's talk about my training plan, the principle of my training method is that one should train brief, infrequent and with all intensity aka H.I.T or high intensity training. It was believed that training with high intensity and to a point where it would create muscular failure momentarily yielded great gains and results. Since its intensity, which is the key in this form of training, the training volume and duration of training is very brief compared to traditional volume training where one performs numerous sets and repetitions with low intensity. We all know that training stimulates muscle growth by recruiting new muscle fibers but rest and nutrition is what makes them grow. Adequate rest has to be provided for the body to heal and grow and endure the taxing from next intense workout. Hence a great emphasis is placed on rest and recuperation.

Here I present you Bodyhack episode 1.