Wednesday, July 19, 2017

What is the best workout Routine to build muscle and lose Fat ?

I often get asked as to what’s the Perfect Workout Routine? my answer is always very simple, it depends on your Goal and your training Experience as in what stage are you at? Are you beginner, intermediate or an advanced natural lifter.

There are numerous training program and every program can yield results. Now here is the catch if you are going to copy a professional’s training routine, then it isn’t going to work buddy. You make ask why? Well simply put you can’t handle the load and volume a professional handle and who can be on steroids and with ton of training experience. Another point to note is genetics, that’s the most important point of them all.

One of the best yet the simplest training routine or workout program which beginner’s and intermediate’s lifters can follow is 5 x 5 training. 5 x 5 training involves lot of compound moment and is great to build strength. It’s a classic training program designed by legendary bodybuilder Reg Park. He used it to get big during off season. It can be the hardest routine you train on if properly utilized.

 You do 5 sets of 5 reps of 3 to 4 compound exercises like bench, deadlift, Barbell rows, OHP. Choose a weight with which you will be only able to do 5 reps. Then progressively keep on adding weight to your lift preferable 2.5kgs or 5 pounds every week or once in two weeks depending on your strength levels.

So, coming to training naturally by week 2 and 3 you will already be strong and will be handling more poundage. It will make you strong and can add size.

All you got do is train consistently and with lot of intensity. Workout intensity is the key if you don’t workout hard enough to stimulate growth then will not build muscle. I have started my transformation, and I also would like to touch various topics related to natural lifters and try to destroy the myth and hype in the fitness industry.

Here are my videos on these topics and my transformation from fat to Fit.

Whether you are trying to shed fat and turn your body from fat to fit or skinny to muscular physique, I will help you. Follow my journey and subscribe and support my channel also I would love to answer all your question related to workout plan, diet and training frequency.

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