Sunday, July 23, 2017

Golden days of Bodybuilding Lee priest

Golden days of bodybuilding is a new series where we look at the who’s who of bodybuilding and reliving the golden days of bodybuilding which inspires and educated us. The training of 70’s to 90’s bodybuilding pro’s, the era in which these bodybuilding legends lived in. Diet in 70’s to 90’s how the bodybuilding physiques changed. Controversies and the trump.

Today we look at the giant killer Lee priest, who is from Australia and is a legend in his own right. Lee started bodybuilding at a very young age at 12. He won Mr. Australia at 17,18 and 19. Lee has always been an outspoken and honest bodybuilder saying as it is and calling out any bullshit in the sport of bodybuilding.

Lee priest had a tremendous physique, thick and dense muscle and one of the best arms in the sport. I first remember watching him on ESPN, which back then covered bodybuilding shows like Arnold classics. He is big superman fan and has a superman tattoo and I think is one of the only person who can pull the Sergio oliva victory pose.

I believe he should have own some major titles, but I think he was in a very competitive era and the line up again which he competed was amazing. He competed against Dorian yates, Ronnie Coleman, Kevin levrone and Shawn Ray not to forget sultan of symmetry Flex wheeler.

One of crazy things you could see was lee priest body transformation from offseason to contest ready stage which was mind bogging. He is a great bodybuilder and true legend.

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