Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Build an ideal Male Body

Well if you are reading it then it’s one of the two cases, either you want to know what you are doing wrong or you want to get in shape as it’s time for new year resolution. Are you on a weight training and diet plan? Is it working out for you? Are you reaching your goals? If the answer is no may be not sure then you are at the right stop, I am here to help you.

Lifting weights doing little bit of cardio tracking macros based on some random diet plan are all ok but if you want to really build an ideal physique a beautiful and strong male body which exuberates confidence and power, it’s a different ball game all together.

Some have broad shoulders, some have big legs but fitting it all together and balancing it is the true form of aesthetics. How often do you train, how well do you recover and how good do you eat are very important question which tell you a lot about your current physical health and fitness level in general.  Let me drop some hints perfect male body meets ‘The golden ratio’. You need have the x- shape; well you may ask what the heck that is? Let me answer, it’s to have broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and strong, well-developed calves.

This is a preview article for the new series of articles which I am going to write and teach how to achieve the golden ratio. Do subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow my fitness journey.

The German Giant Markus Ruhl

The German Giant Markus Ruhl is an ifbb pro bodybuilder and had a great physique. He had the widest shoulder width in bodybuilding and he was a sight to watch.  Markus began training at the age of 18 following a doctor's recommendation after sustaining a knee injury while playing soccer. At 120 lb., Rühl began training hard six days a week until deciding to compete on a professional level five years later. He had amazing size and was competing at body weight of over 300 pounds yet he was in great shape for that kind of size.

He had freaky body parts like arms and chest, his biceps peak was amazing and could be easily considered of the best in the bodybuilding industry.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Best Protein Source for Indian Diet

I often get asked what the best Protein Source is for Indian Diet. Well the answer is neither complex nor very simple; there are varieties of food from which you can get the desired macros. What matters are your food choice and your goal, that’s the most important aspect one needs to focus on.

I am a Non-vegetarian and I like to get my protein from chicken and fish. Chicken and fish are one of the best sources of protein as they have low fat and great protein. I love eggs and I like to eat whole eggs rather than just egg whites.

When it comes to vegetarian source of protein I like paneer, tofu and cheese but I like to stay away from those foods and use them sparingly in my diet. You can get protein from milk products and soya, here in this video I explain that in details.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Best Back Exercises for a Thick, Wide Back Workout Routine

Have you heard the bodybuilding community saying contests are won from the back! Well hell o yeah, a strong, think and wide back is always appealing and has stood the test of time with its functional capabilities. Now you may ask how I can get thick and wide back. What are the best exercises build a massive back? Well you are at the right place to find out how.

Before I proceed with sharing my two cent on how to build big and thick back muscles, let’s examine how the back muscle is build.The four muscles that make up the bulk of the back, and that we want to focus on developing, are the



Latissimus dorsi

Erector spinae.

I have always trained heavy and hard, I am big believer in HIT training method followed by the legends like mike mentzer, Dorian Yates. High Intensity training is what gets you big and shredded. It’s one of the unique ways yet very simple to follow workout program. The beauty of it lies in its simplicity and is highly effective, its time efficient and easy to follow. It’s followed and developed by mike mentzer to Dorian Yates. I have created a playlist with touching these topics along with Playlist containing top rated videos from my channel. Click on the image below which will take you to the playlist.

Now coming back to my best exercises to build big and thick back are as Follows:

Deadlifts 5 sets of 5 Reps
Barbell Rows 5 sets of 5 Reps
Lats pull down alternating close and wide grip 3 Sets Of 8-14 Reps
Pull Ups to Failure

Add his to your back training workout routine and you will see lot changes in a month.

Must Do Exercises for Massive Shoulders

Shoulder muscles can be a very stubborn body part for some despite hard training sessions and constant effort. Be very diligent in choosing best shoulder exercises and best shoulder workout. Some don’t see the results they would like to see on them otherwise.  My followers and subscribers ask me what’s the best shoulder workout for mass; well I have good news for you iron lovers. Try these 5 exercises and you will see your shoulders responding to workouts in no time! I recommend this exercise as Must Do Exercises for Massive Shoulders.

As we all know our shoulder has three sides to it the front, rear, and side. Hitting all the heads to get the broad shoulders or frame you has always wanted and what exercise to use. My shoulders have always grown very well and they respond quickly to heavy training and lot of pressing movement be it dumbbell seated shoulder press or barbell press. Some people’s shoulders take little more effort and time to respond and grow. Begin your shoulder workout routine with some heavy over- head presses. This can be done standing or seated, overhead presses. Building crazy strength by bringing your triceps, upper pecs and even your abs into play to help you move more weight fast and in a very efficient manner.  Your goal should always be to get a beefier delts.

5 Exercises for Massive Shoulders is something which has helped me to make lot of gains and make my shoulder muscles respond with great development. Shoulder muscles have 3 heads which are front, rear and side, I recommend always do the compound movement first which hits every fiber in your shoulder muscle and gives you that great foundation with mass. This is how I learned how to build shoulder mass.

Clean and press, military press are some of the best compound exercises which you can start your shoulder workout with and make sure you go heavy on them without compromising the form. I suggest do 5 sets and no more keep the rep range around 7-10 and you will definitely feel the intensity and over a period of time great results. Shoulders as we know makes a big impact; consider you hitting a back double biceps pose and a greatly developed shoulder will make a big difference between an average pose and a great pose.

The wider your shoulders are the beautiful your frame looks and when your side delts are huge they make your arms appears more defined and ripped. Hit lateral raises one Arm or both arms at the same time to hit those side delts.

 Do these 5 exercises in the same order and rep range and your shoulders will start responding in no time.

Barbell Clean and Press 5 sets of 7 Reps 
Dumbbell Press 5 sets of 7 Reps  
One Arm Lateral Raises   5 sets of 10 Reps  
Arnold Press 5 sets of 10 Reps.
Barbell Shrugs 5 sets of 6-8 Reps  

Try these exercises and start saving money for a bigger sports jacket, because in sometime you will not be able to fit into one you already have!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Alistair overeem Vs. Francis Ngannou Ufc 218

This weekend Alistair overeem will be fighting the predator Francis Ngannou who is on a 9 fight winning streak. There will be lot of fireworks in this fight as both have dynamite in their hands. Alistair Overeem is a decorated kick boxing and MMA Legend who has had numerous big time fights and has seen it all.

Now what does Francis Ngannou bring to the table in ufc 218 which promises to be a great card and put fans on the edge, especially the heavy weight fight. Alistair overeem is known as the demolition man, The Reem which is also an online documentary of Alistair overeem‘s life and fighting journey. Fan look out for demolition man vs. the predator.

Here are my predictions on the Alistair overeem Vs. Francis Ngannou Ufc 218 fight.