Tuesday, March 31, 2020

BASIC EQUIPMENT Home Quarantine Workout

Well Quarantine doesn't mean you have to stop working out. I am building a home gym and slowly collecting all the equipment needed to build a basic beautiful home gym. What are the essentials you may ask, well I shall do a separate blow for that. But as of now here is. A workout video with BASIC EQUIPMENT Home Quarantine Workout this is my quarantine workout.

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Quarantine workout Day 3

Even before Quarantine began happening I started to build a home gym which is in it's early stages right now. Today is the day 3 of my quarantine workout. Here is a glimpse of my workout shot on GoPro Hero. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow my journey.

I always believed in keeping things simple and avoid fancy moves or extravaganza as much as possible be it life or in my way of shooting videos. It always important to tell the story and create a connection and help one another than making a movie kind of a look.

Here is my workout which is simple yet effective.

Floor press dumbell 16 kgs 2x20
22kgs 3 x 12
26kgs 2 x 10

Dumbell shrugs. 32 kgs 4 x 8
Dumbell shoulder press 22kgs  3 x 5
Skull crushers 25 kgs barbell  4 x 10.

Always keep the fire burning and keep training with whatever equipment you can gather. Till next time take care and stay safe.