Saturday, December 27, 2014

Jacked and Ripped Men of Hollywood

Hollywood has always displayed great heroic characters on screen and some of the actors have gone to great length to match the role. Rambo, Rocky, Commando, Terminator, Hercules, 300 and Thor, the list goes on and on. Few Hollywood actors have put in great effort and dedication to make the role memorable and some do sport that physique throughout their life.

Few of the Hollywood actors who personified the movie role and do have great physiques off-screen too are as follows:

1.Arnold Schwarzenegger.

2.Sylvester Stallone.

3. Jean Claude Van damme.

4.Dolph Lundgren.

5.Dwayne Johnson.

6. Jason Statham.

7. Vin Diesel.

8.Ryan Reynolds.

9.Chris Hemsworth.

10.Matthew Mcconaughey.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Training Frequency

Whether you are a beginner or a Pro bodybuilder, most frequently debated and sort after topic is training frequency. Your gains and progress in the iron game depends on figuring out what exactly works out for you when it terms of training frequency.

We always have had debate as to which is the best way train, is it volume training or very low volume routines. Volume training was popularized by Arnold Schwarzenegger and H.I.T by Arthur Jones and Mike Mentzer. Even from top level athlete of 90’s stand point Dorian Yates did advocate low volume training and did say that’s what helped him win six Olympia titles. Well the fact I am writing about this is not to replicate an Olympia winning physique, but just to make sure what suits better for the general public. People, who don’t want to compete, but want to get in shape, people who are athletes and want to cross train to get in shape and better their performance in their respective sport.

Now let’s face it, we all know most pro bodybuilders are on steroids of one form or another. So when a pro is on steroids he can train twice a day and still recover faster from the rigorous workouts and keep training 6 days a week. But that’s not the case with a layman who trains naturally just to get in shape, him training even 5 days a week once per day can be end up being over training. Over training not only deprives him of making muscle gains but also de-motivates him and can end up with injury. I strongly recommend beginners and natural athletes to train low volume and high intensity. Train should be brief and relatively in frequent in case of mass cycle. I would say train anywhere from 3 days to 4 days a week to get good results naturally.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Nutrition For 6 Pack Abs

Let me set the record straight, there is no thing called spot reduction. If you want the 6 pack abs it has to be a combination of hard work with weight training and strict diet. Remember great bodies are made in kitchen not in the gym. I have already explained the tricks and trade of getting ripped in my previous article ABC of Getting Ripped. Workout and dieting is important, but most importantly what you put in your body and how often is also quite essential to getting the six packs.

Here is my strategy to get the six pack abs:

1.       Load up on Dairy.
2.       Add whey protein in contrast to soya.
3.       Eat huge amount of food but in small meals, say 6 to 7 meals a day.
4.       Drink green Tea.
5.       Eat lean protein like fatty fish and sea food rich calcium.
6.       Cut down on sweet.
7.       Use Rum in your protein.

Incorporate these into your diet and work your way up to achieve the six pack abs.