Saturday, December 27, 2014

Jacked and Ripped Men of Hollywood

Hollywood has always displayed great heroic characters on screen and some of the actors have gone to great length to match the role. Rambo, Rocky, Commando, Terminator, Hercules, 300 and Thor, the list goes on and on. Few Hollywood actors have put in great effort and dedication to make the role memorable and some do sport that physique throughout their life.

Few of the Hollywood actors who personified the movie role and do have great physiques off-screen too are as follows:

1.Arnold Schwarzenegger.

2.Sylvester Stallone.

3. Jean Claude Van damme.

4.Dolph Lundgren.

5.Dwayne Johnson.

6. Jason Statham.

7. Vin Diesel.

8.Ryan Reynolds.

9.Chris Hemsworth.

10.Matthew Mcconaughey.

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