Sunday, September 28, 2014

The True Viking Warrior

If I were to choose one man who could out muscle and outdo Arnold Schwarzenegger in terms of strength and charisma it was Jon Pall sigmarsson. He had it all, the good looks and the colossal strength; he was 4 times world strongest man, 2 times European strongest man. Jon Pall died at a very young age, merely 32 years old at the time of death. But his achievement in his short lived life is truly remarkable and was a true gentleman. He was not only into power lifting but also competed and won Icelandic     bodybuilding title in 90+ kg weight class.

Jon pall first participated in world strongest man in 1983 and made his presence felt by taking second place next to the title winner Geoff capes. Then The 24 year old Jon pall was all set to take the world strongest man title from capes in 1984 and so he did. The rivalry between the two to take the crown gave us some of the best events in world strongest man History. In 1985 Jon pall lost the title to capes but again won it back from him in 1986. Some of the best one liner came from Jon pall during these years of competing for title with capes, like once when the audience called him Eskimo, he shouted back at them declaring “I am not an Eskimo, I am a Viking” and dead lifted a cart weighing 495 kg. When he defeated capes in 1984 he shouted “The King has lost his crown”.

1987 was the year the world strongest man event was at its peak as Jon pall’s biggest rival the great Bill Kazmaier entered the event. He was a 3 times world strongest man and had held numerous world records in bench press and dead lift and squat. He had the reputation as the “strongest man ever lived on earth” and had won world strongest man title from 1980, 81 and 1982 making it 3 times in a row. They had great rivalry and thus fueled their competitive spirit to outdo one another. When it came to static events Kazmaier was better than Jon pall but Jon Pall dominated Kazmaier in dynamic events and Jon pall was the better of the two as an overall athlete. After winning the 1988 world strongest man title from the great Kazmaier he declared “I may be the fastest strongman in the world, but I think Kazmaier is the strongest on his feet”. They eventually became good friends.

Jon pall’s records and milestones are as follows:
Squat – 365 kg Raw.
Bench Press – 235 kg.
Dead lift - 400 kg Raw.
He entered Guinness book of world record for lifting world’s largest whiskey Bottle.
He was the First man to load the 150 kg Mcglashen stone.

Some of the best quotes of Jon Pall were “I am in seventh Heaven”, “No problem for Jon Paul”. He was very charismatic on and off the field. He had great genetics which helped him to master all forms of weight lifting, power lifting and also become a bodybuilder competing at 105 to 110 kg where as his body weight for world strongest man events was 130 kg. He will always be remembered as the true Viking warrior! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

The other side of Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is one of the best things one can get into to build strength and get in shape.  It can be a great stress reliever and a great hobby to build strength for the respective sport you are into. But when we look into bodybuilding as a sport it is all about the size game and hell lot of size comes from steroids and supplements. Bodybuilding naturally without steroids and supplements is beautiful and helps to achieve aesthetic physique. Even without steroids, size can be achieved but not the same kind of size and conditioning can be attained without the aid of steroids.

The darker side of bodybuilding or strength sports is well know  and its steroids,  growth hormone and lot of other stuff which has put many in body bags. I have always loved the sport of bodybuilding and it gives me immense pleasure in training everyday and enjoying life by training naturally and staying healthy. I happen to stumble on one of this mini documentary about a bodybuilder Justin Rys who is a former Mr.Australasia,Mr Oceania,Mr New Zealand and how his life changed by the choices he made. This is a interesting and eye opening documentary on steroids and ironically  some bodybuilder’ s build their bodies by putting heart and sweat in the gym and also destroy it by putting chemicals into their body.