Sunday, May 28, 2017

Fitness trackers are they worth the Money?

Fitness tracker are the in thing in today’s world, where looking good, fit and sporting a six pack is a fashionable thing. Tracking your fitness activity may be good but it’s not the solution to getting a fitter body or health. I have certainly seen the raise of awareness in people from tracking macros to following a structured training program, which is awesome. But my big question is how beneficial or shall I say are Fitness trackers worth the money?

Well these wrist bands are no ordinary bands, they are health tracking devices. These devices help one to track heart rate, blood oxygen level and total steps taken for particular day and calories burnt. It does give you some good data which otherwise can’t be manually tracked. The information provided by these bands is quite impressive. They are flashy and in-thing in the fitness industry, they come in wide variety of designs and price ranges. Prices range from $100 to $ 250 and above depending on the brands and functionality and designs, now you can’t expect all in one in the basic model. There are lot of top brands in the market namely, Fit bit flex, Jawbone and the misfit shine, well suit yourself!