Friday, April 6, 2012

Flab to 6 Pack Abs

Well summers here and it’s time to get ripped and flaunt your six packs! The most desired body part that people want to have is the washboard six pack abs. Most of the people are relatively able to achieve a toned body with hard work and Dedication, however fail to achieve the six pack abs.
Now what is so elusive about six pack abs? The fact of the matter is people lack the understanding of training and most importantly the nutrition to achieve wash board abs. I don’t want to tell you people that it’s 80 percent diet and 20 percent training and stuff like that, its like “train diligently and diet religiously”. Well that being said I am not advising to do endless sit-ups or starve you to Death. The key to getting a toned body with a six pack is real simple, it takes three things:

1. Diet.
2. Cardio.
3. Weight Training.


Try to eat as clean as possible, as in quality over quantity. Try to eat small but frequent meals, say 5 meals a day. Now that kicks your metabolism and the greater the metabolism the more fat your burn. You need to tailor your nutrition plan in such a way that you get a combination of protein, fat and carbs at each meal. Consumption of carbs has to be moderate, stick to complex carbs and foods like brown rice, yams and fruits and vegetables they are great source of energy. Stay away from bread, pasta and cookies, you need to lower your fat intake however you can add olive oil and salmon as a source to get fat into your nutrition. When it comes to proteins stick to lean protein source such as chicken, tuna and egg whites. Another important thing is to drink lots of water, I suggest at least one gallon of water a day. I don’t want to suggest any supplements, as I feel that until unless you are a competitive bodybuilder you don’t require any supplements.


The most important thing to get a six pack is to have a low body fat, which means you have to do lots of cardio vascular workouts to shed the excess baggage you’re carrying. Your body fat percentage needs to be somewhere around 6 to 8 percent to your abs to be visible or else all the hard training and the time spent in quest of six packs goes in vain. Choose your way of getting your cardio vascular workout, be it running on a treadmill or cycling, stair master etc. I suggest you people to do 2 to 3 times a week of cardio.  You can refer to my article “ABC of Getting Ripped”.

Weight training:

Well, all I want to emphasis in regards to training with weights is to maintain proper form when lifting weights and feel each rep and each set. Use relatively few exercises, use exercises which work for you and forget the rest of the exercises. Knowing what works for your body and what doesn’t is very important. Most importantly consistence is the key in training along with dedication. You can find tons of workout articles online to suit your needs.