Monday, July 16, 2018

Getting jacked like a rock climber

Have you ever wondered how the heck this rock climbers are jacked and ripped. They sport great abs, pecs and muscular arms. Their physique is very detailed and show ready, legs is a different story. I was always intrigued by rock climbing in general, it's hell of difficult and is far more challenging than it looks be it indoor climbing or outdoor rock climbing. 

I tried my hand for the first time and here is how I did! 

The thing is I did it  after a arm workout, so they were sore as hell. Now that's not a excuse but rock climbing is very demanding on your overall body but predominantly on your back, shoulders and arms. Boy was I in for a surprise the amount of effort it took, but I kind of fell in love with it now. Those of you interested in my arm workout here is what I did! 

I plan to continue on indoor rock climbing atleast twice a week and see how good I can become at it. I feel rock climbing can be a great tool to get in shape quickly and efficiently. I am beginner at the moment but will progress rapidly. How do I know, we I am damn confident about it. Do give it a try folks and let me know how do like it. 

Friday, July 13, 2018

How many push ups a day should 18 year old do to get good physique

Push ups are an excellent exercise to build great chest. I recommend first find out  how many push ups can you do at a stretch be it 15, 25, 30 or 45. Then try doing at least 20 push ups in each set and do 5 to 6 sets.

Once you have accomplished that try doing more sets say 8 to 9 gradually over period of time as you build strength and become stronger. Then on increase reps in sets say to 30 and cut down on sets. Usually higher the reps better because it's a body weight exercise. over a period of 3 months you should see some good results.

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Fat to Fit 24 7

I have always been a fitness finatic, I wondered in search of perfect workout program to shed fat and get ripped. You have so many diets be it keto diet, intermittent fasting, war on carbs and the list goes on and on. Tried and researched training programs after training programs boy I as tired. 

I am sure most of you have had similar experience initially when you started, luckily for me I found what works for me and what doesn't early on in my life. I was always fascinated by bodybuilding and getting really strong was of prime importance to me. I thought it would give me superhero feeling, well it does in some ways. It builds your confidence and teaches discipline and most importantly setting goals and accomplishing them.

It's also during this time, when I was experimenting with workout routines I found what works for natural bodybuilders or shall I say people who love to lift weights. That finding was a eye opener, also Mike Mentzer was one of great influence in my study of bodybuilding science. Mike menzter not only had a herculean physique but also was a great mind. I don't know how many of you know that one need not workout 6 days a week and 2 hours a day to have a powerful shredded physique. The rest and recuperation places a very vital role in weight training and becoming stronger. Unlike the popular belief that more is better, I say apt is better. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

My Natural Body Transformation from Fat to Fit : Goals for 2018

In this blog post I like to discuss how my journey has been so far the ups and downs of being on a transformation journey. You can read through my older blogposts to follow the journey from day 1. Many people claim to be Natural and share progress pictures where you see drastic changes. body transformation done in a natural way is the best way because the changes will last longer and you don't need any enhancers. 

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Well, staying motivated thoughout the entire journey is the key and at the same time it can be extremely challenging. For me being on the strict diet is difficult not only because of the daily regors of life but also when you are a working professional it becomes very difficult to manage meal timing and meal frequency.  I am on a low carb, high protein and moderate fat. But it's ending up with me over eating carb, which is always the case when you're working and don't have lot of food choices to hit your macros.

Here in the below video I discuss about my goals, which I intend to achieve by December 2018.

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