Monday, July 16, 2018

Getting jacked like a rock climber

Have you ever wondered how the heck this rock climbers are jacked and ripped. They sport great abs, pecs and muscular arms. Their physique is very detailed and show ready, legs is a different story. I was always intrigued by rock climbing in general, it's hell of difficult and is far more challenging than it looks be it indoor climbing or outdoor rock climbing. 

I tried my hand for the first time and here is how I did! 

The thing is I did it  after a arm workout, so they were sore as hell. Now that's not a excuse but rock climbing is very demanding on your overall body but predominantly on your back, shoulders and arms. Boy was I in for a surprise the amount of effort it took, but I kind of fell in love with it now. Those of you interested in my arm workout here is what I did! 

I plan to continue on indoor rock climbing atleast twice a week and see how good I can become at it. I feel rock climbing can be a great tool to get in shape quickly and efficiently. I am beginner at the moment but will progress rapidly. How do I know, we I am damn confident about it. Do give it a try folks and let me know how do like it. 

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