Sunday, July 30, 2017

Ido portal – Just Move Movie

Ido portal – Just Move is an incredible documentary by Brian Rose of London Real.  It gives me immense pleasure writing about this documentary in two ways firstly because it’s on Ido Portal and secondly, it’s from London Real. This is the second Documentary I am writing about from London Real, first one being on Dorian Yates, now that was a classic. You can find that review on my blog.

The opening shot of the documentary is amazing, I think London real has really curved a niche in making great documentaries and sharing great story. The documentary take Brian rose to Israel where he meets Ido again and discusses about various aspects of training, life and movement.

As Ido says “Move More” most of you know Ido and for people who don’t know him and have a question who is Ido? He is a fanatic on Movement pattern and who is always on verge of researching best forms of training through movement. You know or have seen him with UFC champion conor mcgregor. Well we can call him a movement teacher, more than that I think he is a fascinating personality who has carved his own niche and his own cult following. He has shared his knowledge and worked with teachers: from Osteopaths, Manual Therapists and MD's to Professional Dancers, Yogis, Athletes, Circus Performers and Fighters. People are embracing his new methodologies, and his fame is just growing bigger and bigger.

Some of the lines are beautiful in the documentary like when Brian remembers the first time Ido was on his podcast, you see Ido mentioning “it’s not about what you want to learn but it’s all about what the teacher wants to teach you”. Learning and finding a true teacher is far more important than anything else. Enjoying the process of learning and your journey on the path of learning is a surreal experience.

Well I would like this article to be brief and would strongly recommend you people to head over to London real and watch this amazing documentary on Ido.  So, keep moving both in movement, life and learning.

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