Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Fat to Fit - How often should I train?

How often to should one train, how often should one workout be a very debatable topic. Right from pros to bro’s everyone has their own analogy to answer this question.  I have help numerous beginners to intermediates to train and progress to be better natural lifter.

Looking from a beginner and intermediates stand point what’s the most important thing? we some might say make lot of gains some might say reach the next level as fast as possible. Well I look at it bit differently, how you may ask? Well let me answer and share my two cents on it. Most important thing is to be efficient and say away from over training and burning oneself out. Overtraining a sure way to end up with injury, which most of us should be very aware of when we try to rush things.

Here is a video where I tell you how often to train, what rep scheme and how many sets.

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