Thursday, July 20, 2017

Cheat sheet to kick start your fitness Goal

How many times have we vowed to ourselves that we shall shed X amount kgs/lbs. Say in 3 or 4 months and failed miserably time after time. Been there done that and as someone who has been in the game for longtime I can say it’s the same mistakes that I see people make often. Before you form an opinion, this is not about this is wrong and that is right! I always believe in having an open mind and see what works and mind you what works better.

Let’s look at what makes people fail than why people fail? I would say based on my experience of training people ranging from trying to shed weight to getting ready to compete in physique contest, Number one thing they lack is motivation. Yes, you heard me right, it’s something one needs to keep burning day after day and from one work session to another. Now let’s look at other factors which will lead you astray from your goal.

1. Your training too hard Too soon.

I see people training too hard as soon as they start their fitness journey that by week two or three you see then on the sidelines. Always remember to take it slow when you begin something which takes time. Hitting weights in the morning and doing cardio in the evening is excellent if you have some training experience under your belt if not then you are going to burn yourself out and even before you realize, your fitness goal is out of the window.

2. Nutrition is not on point.

I know you aren’t Mr. Olympia or have any intension of being one but that isn’t an excuse to hog like a pig and eat whatever you want to eat, sorry it doesn’t work that way! Make sure you have a decent nutritional plan to suit your specific fitness goals.

3. Inconsistency.

This is what makes or breaks your results and your effort. I cannot stress the importance of being consistent not only to training but any other ventures you aspire to take up. BE CONSISTANT!

Always remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, so does a great physique.

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