Saturday, June 13, 2015

3 Minutes home Abs workout

3 Minutes home Abs workout can be done pretty much anywhere, be it your gym or home or even a park. I added just two of the exercises to this workout, one being leg raises and the second one is plank. Leg raises is a great exercise to build the lower abs, people seem to have great difficulty building lower abs compared to upper abs. upper abs can be built with doing regular crunches and if you have low body fat even better, you can have visible upper abs.

3 Minutes home Abs workout

This is just a basic abs routine to build abs, specially tailored to people who cannot invest lot of time in the gym or anywhere else working those abs. No need to invest in any fancy abs workout equipment, you simple do this 3 Minutes home Abs workout and obtain the desired results. Planks are great exercise for core and one should do them very often.

I recommend at least 5 sets of 20 reps and as you progress and build strength do add more sets. It’s even better if you can pile on more reps says 30–45 each set bit later on.

I will be doing more videos on advanced abdominal workout and other variation for 3 Minutes home Abs workout in next series.

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