Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Aesthetics Bodybuilding: Frank Zane the king of Aesthetics

Aesthetics Bodybuilding: Frank Zane the king of Aesthetics, This is the third episode in Know your Pro’s Golden days of bodybuilding. When you talk about symmetry, proportion and aesthetics in bodybuilding one name that pops up in our mind, it’s frank Zane. The meaning of aesthetics is frank Zane; he was Mr. Universe, Mr. America and Mr. Olympia! He was the one who brought aesthetics to main stream bodybuilding. Yes there was Steve reeves and Frank idolized Steve reeves, if the bodybuilding had herculean physiques like that of Sergio, Arnold and mike mentzer there was a beautiful aesthetic body of frank Zane!

He is like a reincarnation of Greek god Apollo, great aesthetics and symmetry.  He was three time Mr. Olympia, he won Mr. Olympia in the year 1977-79. He was nicknamed the “chemist” as he was very fond of Amino acids. I believe his best shape was in the year 1979 Mr. Olympia. He was the lightest Mr. Olympia ever! He won all three Olympia’s within the weight range of 180-187 pounds; I believe his highest weight was 200 pounds in Mr. Olympia 1982. He held his own when it came to posing and he was second to none other than Ed Coney who was a master poser. He symbolized the artistic side of bodybuilding; he put grace and art form behind those huge muscles.

He changed the perception of common people who thought bodybuilders were just muscle heads to artistic and thoughtful athletes. He brought a fresh look to Mr. Olympia and he was one among the only three bodybuilders ever to defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was rumored to have smashed his runner up trophy after 1980 Mr. Olympia. He was well educated and was a math teacher, well spoken and a true gentleman.

He is a very straight forward and on the face kind of a guy. He paved the way for future bodybuilders who choose to go on the aesthetic path than that of a sheer mass!

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