Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Myth

The Myth, before Ronnie Coleman ruled the streets as a cop and stage as a champion; Sergio Oliva laid the foundation for all the great champions to follow. Incredible back, huge biceps and lats that could cover the entire stage. Sergio was truly the Myth in every possible sense.

He was not a fulltime bodybuilder, he worked in a steel mill 12 hours a day and then would toil 2 hours in the gym and lifting heavy weights and he had a phenomenal body. Even to this day he could compete and still hold his own. He was the real and I would say 1st mass monster but with aesthetics. Huge herculean physique, great muscle belly and there were few poses of his which are legendary! The victory pose it’s also called Sergio Pose; no one can replicate it and look like Sergio in that! Not even the great Arnold! The crab shot was also very famous, There was his Lats spread which was phenomenal, even Arnold has quoted he had never seen such wide and thick Lats and he was blown away by Sergio.

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