Friday, May 25, 2018

My Natural Transformation Fat to Fit: How to Increase Bench Press

Well its been going good with my workouts and I am starting to get stronger day by day. Let's talk about how to increase bench press? 

Well bench press always got more attention than any other exercise in bodybuilding or powerlifting. Well let's get on with the topic then, here are some of the things that has worked for me. 

1. Bench more, if you want to be a good bench presser than you got to bench more period. 

2. Mix the rep range to break the plateu. Right from high reps to low reps ranging from 12 to as low as 5.

3. Use different techniques like Touch & Go, Floor Press, Close Grip, Skullcrusher, Incline Bench Press. 

4. Always use free weights to build raw strength and not machines. 

5. Add rest days when ever you feel you have overtraining. 
 Follow these bench press tips and build your benching power. 

If you been following my blog and YouTube channel under the name "prathap umesh" I am on my body transformation journey.  I want to be fat to fit well calling myself fat would be little exaggeration, however I am definitely not at the best and have lot of work to do. We we have all seen lot of fat to fit transformation, skinny to fit all that BS. But here I am on a journey on a natural transformation what I mean by natural body transformation is I don't even take supplements. 

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