Saturday, February 23, 2019

Bodyhack Episode 2 - Nutrition and supplements

Body Transformation Progress and update how well or how bad it is going.Bodyhack is a new series where I not only try to have physique which looks good to be show ready but also has functionality. Unlike in  bodybuilding, the physique is just not for the stage.

That being said let's deep dive on how my body transformation has been going, I have put on 2kgs so that's like more than 4lbs. How am  I able put on muscle or is it all muscle? Truth of matter is you gain fat along with muscle when you bump up the calories. Is it the way I train I absolutely I agree but also it's more off what I do outside of gym. Things are getting interesting and I am able to make considerable gains without eating like a bodybuilder. Rest is very important as important as training itself,  don't believe try it!

In terms of calories I am consuming around 2500 calories nothing more than that. When it comes to sleep I get around 6 hours of sleep and able train and also manage other works, I also sleep less but it has never hindered my progress. Watch the episode 2 and enjoy.

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