Saturday, March 28, 2015

Aesthetics VS Mass Monsters

There was a time when bodybuilding was celebrated and had its glories days, I can say up until the early 90’s.  It wasn't in terms of prize money, big stage or the huge publicity. It was then, that we all could relate their physique to that of herculean physique. These physiques classified by broad shoulders, thick back, small waist and huge chest all in proportion with one another.         


Steve reeves, Reg Park, Bill pearl, Larry Scott, Arnold, Franco, Frank Zane just to name a few all were classic physiques and at the same time they were phenomenally strong. Today’s bodybuilding lacks symmetry and aesthetics which was the trademark of golden days of bodybuilding. Now that even Arnold has showed his displeasure and voiced out his opinion about judging and sad state of bodybuilding. Hopefully changes will be made and physiques with Aesthetics look will be rewarded.

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