Friday, June 2, 2017

Lose 5 kgs|| Drinking only Water and Eating Fruits

I often get asked are there easier ways to get fit and lean without toiling away lot of time in gym or doing any other form of physical activity. Well the answer is NO! you must invest time to get good health, it doesn’t matter whether you want to get lean and sport some six pack abs or build a big business. Everything takes time and most importantly nothing comes easy in life.

Well let’s get to the topic for today, can we lose 5 kgs by drinking water and eating only fruits? Yes, one can do that but there are several factors that insists it’s not a healthy way to do it. Let me explain to burn fat one needs muscle and to build muscle you need protein. If you are going to eat just fruits where the hell are you going to get the protein from? So, going on just fruits and water is going to be a temporary fix to your long-term quest.

How long can one sustain on a water and fruit only diet? more importantly if you just lose 5 kgs it is not going to help you in achieving you goal, which is to lose fat and become lean. Often when people on these kinds of diets they end up doing more harm than good.

Simplest way to lose weight is to exercise and exercise regularly. What form of exercising to choose I would solely leave it on you. You can start by walking 2kms a day and then gradually increase the distance and intensity. You can join a gym and train with weights to slim down and tighten up. You can do cycling or if you know how to swim, then you can swim.

It’s the regularity that gets you results not what form of training. people who can shed weight and build lean muscles are on great training plan and good diet. But most importantly they have the dedication and the drive to achieve it. what i mean by it is you need not go crazy on diet or do endless amount of exercises. Take one step at a time and depends on you level of fitness and your level of weight training experience.
Now coming to your question how to lose weight quickly or the best way here is a suggestion.

First and foremost you must start training with weights and get your body adjusted to the training demand. I suggest do cardio at least 3 days a week. Trying doing HIT cardio and do weight training for 2 to 3 days.

Do lot of pushups and pull ups and chin ups if are at home and cannot access gym. You can also go for short sprints all this can be done in 30 minutes at the most daily.

Have a good nutritional plan to build muscle and maintain it.

Train on HIT principal that's what I train on and train my clients.

Properly schedule rest and recuperate well to gain muscle.

Eat at least 1700 calories of right kind of food.

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