Sunday, August 6, 2017

How do I build six pack abs naturally?

6 packs abs are one of the most sort after body part in the whole world, everybody wants to have washboard abs, chiseled 6 pack abs.  now the question is can you build them naturally? But hey wait do you need supplements or some special abs routine? people have all sorts of questions.

Well I am here to help you and break all kind of myths related to abdominal workout and diet. First off everyone has abs they aren’t visible that’s the biggest problem and how to make then visible is the task and a puzzle to solve. What is that with abs that people are so attracted to it? Well if you were to mark a X on a person then the focal point will be abs. hence they are always on of the most sort after body part.

They say abs are made in kitchen and that’s very true. You can do endless exercises and spend hours on cardio but if your diet is not on point then you will never see abs. Another biggest myth contributing to this is spot reduction, which is shall cover in my next article.

Now let’s consider how to build abs, to have a six pack it’s important that you must have low body fat to have the six-pack visible.

Building a six pack in using equipment’s is very easy considering your body fat is already under control. you need if you are under 15 to 20 % it’s great.

abs are like any other muscle. matter of fact abs is small group of muscle which can be trained relatively easily.

I have outlined some of the ab routine, they are:

Sit-ups which targets the upper and hits secondarily lower abs.

Leg Raises: they are great exercise which for lower abs and if done correctly can give you great results.

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