Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Pumping Iron Arnold Schwarzenegger Tribute

Pumping Iron was one of the most prominent docudrama in bodybuilding history. There have been many bodybuilding movies there after however none come even close to what pumping iron could do as a movie.

Pumping iron introduced the world to a subculture called bodybuilding which existed and exhibited with in the word roughly 5000 people. Today bodybuilding is a mainstream sport and is well known in all corners of the world. What made the pumping iron so interesting was the characters in the movie the main man Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco columbu, Lou ferrigno, mike Katz, ken Waller and Ed Corney.

There were musclemen in movies earlier like Reg park and Steve Reeves, but none could put bodybuilding on the map like Arnold did. This movie is a cult classic for bodybuilding fans across the world. You see the real Arnold in the movie, his charisma and iron will is well exhibited in the movie and helped him to Parle it to mainstream movies, business and finally politics.

The movie is based on the epic center of bodybuilding mecca Gold’s gym, Mr. Olympia is the backdrop for the movie. It depicts the training, competitive spirit and the camaraderie among the pack. Now that’s golden age or golden era of bodybuilding.

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