Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Kevin Levrone 2017 India Tour and Bodybuilding Seminar

Kevin Levrone 2017 India Tour has been a delight to Kevin levrone fans specially his Indian fans. I had the opportunity of being part of it and experiencing great seminar. I have been a fan of Kevin levrone is he won the Night of champions. There was no social media back then, No Facebook, no Instagram and no YouTube.

It was a surreal experience meeting a legend and a role model for the first time. Kevin is a great champion and a gentleman, he treats his fans with great respect and inspires them with his words and action. I had a great opportunity to talk to him in length and touching various topics right from night of champions to Arnold classics, his diet and training Routine.

The audience also had some good question and Kevin was very happy to answer them and was a good earning experience. This article has the first part of the miniseries I will be releasing from the seminar. Here is the part One of the seminar, where Kevin talks about his training routine and teaches how different body types can train to get the optimal results. Please do subscribe to my YouTube channel and the blog to enjoy the future episodes.

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