Tuesday, October 24, 2017

How to get paper thing skin by Kevin Levrone 2017

Kevin Levrone 2017 in India, in this part 4 of Kevin Levrone interview he shares the tricks and trade of achieving paper thin skin for bodybuilding contest.

Paper thin skin can be a vital factor in winning and losing a bodybuilding show. whether you are ripped to shreds or jacked and tanned, if you plan to get on a bodybuilding stage you need to have paper thin skin to ready show how defined your muscles are!

Having Low Body fat levels

One of the keys to achieving paper thin skin in bodybuilding is to have low body fat levels especially closer to the bodybuilding shows. The standard levels of body fat for a competitor on a bodybuilding stage is around 5-6% if you really want to make an impact in the show.


Diuretics are most commonly used in getting the water out of the body so that have grainy and vascular look. Diuretics are used to get ripped and aids in getting paper thin skin and thus gives you more defined look.

Water and Sodium manipulation.

One must manipulate water and sodium to avoid the body from holding water and sodium, which can give you that watery look and thus takes way the details and sharpness of the physique.

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