Monday, November 27, 2017

What workout machines should I use to start bodybuilding?

It’s an age old debate as to whether one should use free weight or machines to build good physique. You may ask what workout machines I should use to start bodybuilding. My answer is simple “what every equipment you can find in your gym”.  I am an old school bodybuilder and like to use free weights more often than the machines. However you pretty much need machines too!  Your weight training or strength training should always be the combination of both free weights and machines. Let’s also look at it from a beginner’s stand point, why would a beginner use machines to build muscles rather than free weights, dumbbells and barbells? I think the answer is a no brainer firstly it’s safe and doesn’t need much of understanding of the form unlike a bench press, squat or a deadlift. Secondly every gym nowadays has lot of machines to train and build muscle.

Let me give you my opinion on the topic based on my experience. Nothing beats training with free weights, if you want to build a strong foundation and solid physique you need to train relentlessly with weights and less of machines. I would say 80% of one’s training should be with free weights and rest with machines. Machines do have their place in training, but they do have to take the back seat.

Physiques like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco columbu, Sergio Olivia all emulate powerful physique which comes from training hardcore with free weights. One cannot achieve that strong looking physique without training with free weights. You got to do barbell rows, dead-lifts, barbell curls, squats, bench press, shoulder press and overhead press there is absolutely no substitute for these exercises. If you do use machines as an alternative for these exercises than you can never have that strong and powerful physique.

Do train with free weights and less of machines and see the results and the difference physique.
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