Sunday, August 12, 2018

Natural Body Transformation episode 5 - Come with me if you want to lift

Natural Body Transformation episode 5 - Come with me if you want to lift

Natural Indian Body Transformation - Fat to Fit is series where I will document my natural body transformation journey week by week. Share my exercise routine, diet to get lean and shed fat while retaining muscle mass.

Do you want to build a strong physique which is asthetic without any use of Anabolics then come with me if you want to lift. I am big advocate of building a physique naturally and focusing only on your goals and training not bothering about others or Naysayers. In this episode you will see me doing all my workouts mixed kind of training montage. 

I am here not only to share my journey but also to help you in your quest to get strong and healthy. I don't ask anything in return nor am I selling you anything. Do fitness has become business and marketing unlike the earlier days where it was a interesting self learning and development journey. 

Please follow this blog and my YouTube channel that's all I ask for not in return but to build a channel where we share our knowledge, experience, struggle, failures and strategies. 

Here is my workout :

As you already know I am firm believer in intensity and not high volume, heavy duty style.

Till next time train hard and make gains! 

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