Monday, August 13, 2018

Natural Body Transformation episode 4- high intensity training

Natural Body Transformation - Fat to Fit is series where I will document my natural body transformation journey week by week. Share my exercise routine, diet to get lean and shed fat while retaining muscle mass.

This episode showcases all my back workout so far and how well my body is responding to high intensity training routines. Over all what I can say is body transformations does not happen very quick as they like to portray. There is no magic pill or diet and workout routine which can make you look like a cover model. Every thing has time and limitations.

Back is what makes or breaks a compition or shall I say how impressive your physique will appear. Strong back muscles are sign of strength and vitality, building a huge strong back is far more important than having a six pack. Back also ties in all the other muscle groups like chest and arms as they become secondary muscles when you Train back. Have been receiving lot of questions on training routine and diet. I will make more videos detailing diet and cut out the bullshit of things that don't work. Please follow my instagram @prathap_umesh 

I am here not only to share my journey but also to help you in your quest to get strong and healthy. I don't ask anything in return nor am I selling you anything. Do fitness has become business and marketing unlike the earlier days where it was a interesting self learning and development journey. 

Please follow this blog and my YouTube channel that's all I ask for not in return but to build a channel where we share our knowledge, experience, struggle, failures and strategies. 

Here is my workout :

T- bar rows 4x10
Barbell rows 4x10
Seated cable rows 3x10
Lat pull down 5x10
Barbell shrugs 3x8

As you already know I am firm believer in intensity and not high volume, heavy duty style.


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