Sunday, January 11, 2015

3 Exercises To Get Big Arms

How to build biceps fast? How to get big Arms? These are questions people often ask. Desperate times ask for desperate measures, you need big arms you got to train big and hard, that’s the only way! Big on basics and heavy on the curling bar is what I say is the formula.

I am not saying this is the magical recipe for massive arms but definitely it will put you on the right path for to get those huge arms. 3 Exercises to Get Big Arms is something that I have tested and used in my Arm workout routine and gained lot of size on my arms. So if I am saying this program or the exercise works then it definitely works, as I have seen the results first hand. Throw way those 20 reps of this and 25 reps of that, if you want big arms. Sure those routine might give you the pump by they aren’t going to help you with building massive arms.

Arms have can be broken down into two muscle groups, biceps and triceps. Triceps is the biggest muscle group in your entire arm and training them can get you huge size, I have covered that in my previous article with workout video on Triceps workout for Huge Triceps. But here we are chasing the second link in the huge arms which is the biceps!

Lots of sets and moderate reps is the mantra, when say moderate you go to failure. Failure here on the entire workout has to be around 7 -8 rep range so adjust the poundage accordingly.

Barbell curls 10 sets to failure
Seated barbell curls 6 sets to failure
Preacher curls 6 sets to failure
Hammer curls 5 sets to failure

Do the outlined exercises in the same format and will see your biceps growing big like that of Larry Scott!

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