Monday, January 26, 2015

5 Exercises For Massive Shoulders

Shoulder muscle can be a very stubborn body part for some despite hard training sessions and constant effort. Some don’t see the results they would like to see on them otherwise. Try these 5 exercises and you will see your shoulders responding to workouts in no time!

5 Exercises for Massive Shoulders is something which has helped me to make lot of gains and make my shoulder muscles respond with great development. Shoulder muscles have 3 heads which are front, rear and side, I recommend always do the compound movement first which hits every fiber in your shoulder muscle and gives you that great foundation with mass.This is how I learned how to build shoulder mass.

Clean and press, military press are some of the best compound exercises which you can start your shoulder workout with and make sure you go heavy on them without compromising the form. I suggest do 5 sets and no more keep the rep range around 7-10 and you will definitely feel the intensity and over a period of time great results. Shoulders as we know makes a big impact; consider you hitting a back double biceps pose and a greatly developed shoulder will make a big difference between an average pose and a great pose.
The wider your shoulders are the beautiful your frame looks and when your side delts are huge they make your arms appears more defined and ripped. Hit lateral raises one Arm or both arms at the same time to hit those side delts.

Do these 5 exercises in the same order and rep range and your shoulders will start responding in no time

Barbell Clean and Press 5 sets of 7 Reps  
Dumbbell Press 5 sets of 7 Reps   
One Arm Lateral Raises   5 sets of 10 Reps   
Arnold Press 5 sets of 10 Reps.
Barbell Shrugs 5 sets of 6-8 Reps   

Try these exercises and start saving money for a bigger sports jacket, because in sometime you will not be able to fit into one you already have!

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