Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dubai new Mecca for bodybuilding

Dubai new Mecca for bodybuilding, yes you heard me right! Dubai is doing really great in promoting bodybuilding. There are many pro bodybuilders from Middle East who is taking world of bodybuilding by storm like big Ramy and Essa Obiad. Everyone knows big Ramy and how much potential he has to be a future Mr. Olympia. There were also few other bodybuilders from the same area but were less know as sport had not grown that much back in the days and there was no media coverage. One such pro was Ali malla.

Considering that this area is rich with money and many of the Pros from the US and Europe goes on "Sponsor" guest posing over to Dubai. It is also believed that many of the Middle Eastern/Arab bodybuilders make more money as amateurs than they would if they turned Pro. The Middle East has always been big on bodybuilding.  You won't hear much about them over in the US but on the international circuit many Middle Eastern bodybuilder are present and dominant.  

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