Thursday, January 28, 2016

In Shape in a Month

My book on fitness “IN SHAPE IN A MONTH: QUICKEST WAY TO LOSE 20 POUNDS: THE NATURAL WAY” is on a discounted price today on amazon. This book is very basic yet it’s extremely helpful for people looking to get in shape quickly and shed 20 pounds in quickly. I have received numerous emails and messages on how to train what training program to follow. People are confused as to what nutrition and diet is? how does supplementation work? The book came into existence in an effort to answer all this questions.
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Fitness is not rocket science as the media or the fitness industry try’s to portray it. But it’s not simple though, people are always in quest of magic pill to get in shape and let me tell you there is no magic pill for good health, fit body or success. I am not promising this is the answer you are looking for or this will give you 100% fit body without even you putting effort. My training style and my training principle has always been “Intensity”, that’s the key. Weight training or any other form of training without intensity results in poor or no results.
 Why do people fail?

Most people get into a training program with lots of expectations and very little effort. Effort and preparation is the most vital factors in getting results from any training program. What I mean by preparation is you have to foresee the hurdles you will face when you’re on a training program be it in terms of schedule or intensity or be it sticking to a very straight diet. Efforts are working your way through pain, lack of focus, there will be days when you don’t feel like training or you may question yourself why I am I doing this? That’s when you put in your effort and drag yourself to the gym and train or run a mile or two.

Another factor what I see is people are not goal oriented they are always bothered about end result. Well let me tell you, you are failing to understand the most important point of all, it’s the daily grind lifting weights or running track or swimming laps and laps you reach your final goal. Always remember “A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”. The joy of achieving little goals step by step is far more enriching then chanting about the end result. I am not promising you this the best way to train or the only way to train. But it definitely gets results and has given me great results.

Please do read the book and I would appreciate if you could provide a feedback on amazon.

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