Thursday, January 21, 2016

Reverse pull-ups

Reverse pull-ups are fun and challenging at the same time. Pull ups are an excellent exercise to build back muscles and if you are able to do higher reps then you can display great definition in your back muscle. The best thing about pull-ups is that it can be done anywhere anytime, its one of the best bodyweight exercises. It’s a best home workout and Home workouts without weights, also can be done in park where pull up bars are available. It’s the most basic exercise one can do and has been doing since childhood whether it’s to reach the cookie jar on the shelf or to build muscle.

The pull up moment should be crisp and fluid without jerking and struggling. Focus on stimulation rather than fast and non focused moment. You need to focus and make sure there is mind and muscle connection.  Pull ups are vital in military workout routine and it’s very famous in cross fit community. Reverse grip pull ups are very good to build that v-taper look and hit primarily latissimus dorsi and biceps as you do it with palms facing forward. One thing about pull ups is that they look very easy but it can be as difficult as it looks.  Try this reverse grip pull ups and build a better chiseled back without going to gym. I would say this one of the Best exercises to build muscle at home, this is on my list of 5 at home exercises.

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