Thursday, April 14, 2016

I am Too fat and want to lose weight

I am Too fat and want to lose weight that’s the question I am often asked over and over again. Now I share my two cents on how to shed loads of weight and get in shape. Yes getting in shape! Before you run you got to walk and before you walk you got to crawl same thing applies to fitness and getting shape or getting shredded or contest ready.
“Realization is the key” the moment you realize that you are out of shape, unhealthy or fat that’s a start. I say that’s the first step, now once you take the first step keep the ball rolling. Stick to basic and key to success takes two things, consistency and hard work. These two combination is lethal, I have outlined how to go about losing weight and see positive results in body transformation.

First and foremost, thing you have to do is walk, yes walk and walk 6 days a week and walk for 30 minutes a day. Oh I did I mention that has to be on an empty stomach, that’s what you have to do first thing in the morning. It will help massively in weight loss journey or fat loss journey. Cut down consummation of grains and have paleo approach when it comes to diet. Consume more of lean cuts of meat and drink at least a gallon of water a day. Eat more protein and moderate carbs and your fat macros should come from fat content in proteins be it from red meat or chicken. Cut down on dairy and just go on a calorie deficit of say 250 to 400 calories less than your calorie maintenance.

Once you are consistent in your diet with the details I have outlined and walking for a month 6 days a week and 30 minutes a day, you will see weight melting off. Now this is the time you start weight training, stick to basics like bench, deadlifting and squat. Train with weights for 3 days a week which is ample for your fat loss journey. This is what will help you to shed weight and turn your fat body into fit body.   

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