Sunday, January 1, 2017

Best Fitness trends of 2017

Fitness industry has grown to humongous portions thanks to social media and mainstream media for putting it out there. Fitness industry is one of the few industries which has had a consistent growth year after year. There were lot of things introduced to spice up the training routine for the public, be it boxing, high intensity training or boot camps. Let’s look at what 2017 must offer in terms of fitness routines.

Aqua aerobics is one of them to watch out for as there will be lot of different training routines incorporated to improve the level of fitness and cardio vascular strength. Training out door has become a trend these days and it’s going to be even more trendy in 2017. HEAT well I am not taking about the movie but a method of athletic training (high energy athletic Training) which will be more sports specific and will build overall endurance and make you a better athlete.

Last but not the least did I forget to mention Crossfit? Well that’s going to be the hip thing in 2017, we already are hooked onto crossfit games and the amazing athletic abilities crossfit training provides. In my opinion it’s one of the best way to train but again it needs to be little tailored. These are some of the fitness trends you need to watch for and incorporate in your training routine as well. Train hard and be consistent to meet your 2017 fitness goals.

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