Thursday, January 5, 2017

I want to lose weight Fast

I want to lose weight Fast, How many times have you scratched your head thinking and brooding to find the Simplest way to lose weight in shortest period? The reason can be as simple as getting ready for to flaunt a beach body to impress a girl. Well lets first see whether it is possible to do so? Most importantly do it naturally.

Numerous websites, fitness Youtubers to fitness guru have written and preached best way to lose weight in short period or 10 best ways to lose weight quickly. Sometimes too much of information can lead to confusion and analysis by paralysis!

Let me sort out the confusion, it’s possible to lose weight fast and in short period. But let me clarify it depends and varies from person to person. The simple reason being the genetically make of the individual and their goals. Also, the kind of lifestyle on has because if you’re not self-disciplined then things can be harder and delay results.

The best way to lose weight in short period is to exercise and exercise regularly. What form of exercising to choose I would solely leave it on you. You can start by walking 2kms a day and then gradually increase the distance and intensity. You can join a gym and train with weights to slim down and tighten up. You can do cycling or if you know how to swim, then you can swim.

It’s the regularity that gets you results not what form of training, at least when you are a beginner or an intermediate trainee trying shed weight quickly and build muscle. Weight training 4 days a week is a good start and do cardio at least two days in a week.

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