Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Quality of food for staying fit

We live in an age and time where most of the thing is adulterated. How can we be sure of the food we eat is of the good quality forget the best I am merely taking about being good.  Me being a fitness freak and someone who likes to stay fit, always think about what to eat to stay fit? How to get fit and healthy?

Now that’s me being me, but the issue which bugs me to the core is what does a layman do who just wants to stay healthy and have better and longer healthy life. Remember we are what we eat or put in our body. Whether its fitness food, fitness meal or food for fitness; the quality of food is far more important than the actual food itself.

We all know what the right kinds of food are, we need to eat to get fit and stay healthy. We might follow numerous fitness workouts and might focus on healthy fitness recipes while focusing on nutrition, what good does it serve us if the quality of food itself is questionable?

I run a YouTube channel and doing interviews with other fitness youtubers discussing various topics right from effects of steroids to steroid use in fitness industry. I also take about training techniques and diet and food for fitness, mind you these fitness youtubers are natural and don’t use any enhanced substance. This is a video where me and Nigel Bush discussing quality of food and how build good physique by staying natural.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel please do shoot me questions or topics you want me to write and make videos on it can be what are the best supplements to build muscle, healthy fitness meals or how to burn fat and get shredded.

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