Sunday, June 17, 2018

What is the Best way to build muscle

Bodybuilding, weightlifting and high intensity workouts are the best way to build muscle and build muscle fast. Here is my latest video of my high intensity training , I show you an fly on the wall kind of recording. I take you through my upper body strength training routine. Its shot on Gopro Hero session. Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

It's an intense upper body training and boy o boy it has worked for me. Rep and sets scheme has been mentioned in the video. It's a great routine and helped put on ton of muscle, no steroids no supplements, its pure hardwork.

If you ever wondered how to put on muscle quickly,  here is the answer it's "weight Training ". Training hard along with training intensity is a crucial factorin putting on muscle. Follow my future articles or shall I say I share my life, training philosophy and experience in video and articles.

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