Sunday, August 23, 2015

Why are Bodybuilders Landing At the Hospital Frequently

Why are Bodybuilders landing At the Hospital Frequently? Just heard the news that one of the pro bodybuilder, Mohamed Salama has been hospitalized. That’s another bodybuilder who has been hospitalized and has fallen sick.  

Few months ago there was another big bodybuilder who lost all his gains and fell sick and got hospitalized. He is Baitollah Abbaspour who has an amazing physique and had great potential and could have won Mr. Olympia 212 class in years to come.

Bodybuilding is an extreme sport and ramification of drug use and constantly loading your body with toxins can catch up on you! You have seen it in the past. I want to stress that “Fitness is all about being health “and “Body building is all about symmetry and proportions” so try doing it naturally and be the best you can be without external aids like steroids or HGH.

Be fit and be healthy, being big can boost your ego but definitely doesn’t boost your health!

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