Sunday, October 20, 2019

Chest workout for Mass and strength

A big musclar chest doesn't come by pressing light weight s neither does it come by bouncing huge weight with shitty form. When you think of having a bigger pecs, pec workout has to be specific and detailed. Weather you want to build it at the commercial gym or a home chest workout.  You may ask how to get a bigger chest then ? Well I will guide you with a workout for a big chest.

If you been following my blog and YouTube channel under the name "prathap umesh" I am on my body transformation journey. I want to be fat to fit well calling myself fat would be little exaggeration, however I am definitely not at the best and have lot of work to do. We we have all seen lot of fat to fit transformation, skinny to fit all that BS. But here I am on a journey on a natural transformation what I mean by natural body transformation is I don't even take supplements.

Here are few routines that you can follow to build mass on chest and strength

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